Double Shot by Diane Mott Davidson


Cozy Mystery

Double Shot (Goldy Culinary Mysteries, Book 12) Double ShotDiane Mott Davidson; HarperTorch 2005WorldCatGoldy Bear Schulz has not had a good Tuesday. First, as she is approaching her catering event hall to prepare for a funeral luncheon, someone runs out of her kitchen and hits her in the back of her head. Whoever hit her also had turned off her power so all her food in the walk in refrigerators has spoiled. Mice were released in the kitchen. And she has an event coming up.

After the funeral luncheon Goldy has a shouting match in the parking lot with her ex-husband, the Jerk. But she was able to find their son, get him home to change, and over to the Jerk’s home in time for the new visitation time he had demanded. But the Jerk doesn’t answer his door despite Arch’s shouting for his father. Goldy finds the Jerk’s body in his car in the garage – shot twice.

Goldy’s gun is found outside the garage on the ground. She is the prime suspect in the shooting of her abusive, nasty, self-centered ex-husband. She knows there are other people who may have done it – but who? and why? Goldy knows the sheriff’s office is trying to find the killer – her husband Tom is able to keep in the loop even though he has been told to take some time off from his detective’s job while they are investigating Goldy. But Goldy and the Jerk’s other ex-wife Marla are determined to find out what is going on and clearing Goldy. Will that be possible? Or is Goldy or worse, her son Arch, going to be subject to long term consequences?

Every reader who has followed Goldy through this series will probably want to cheer that the Jerk is dead. Goldy herself is of two minds – cheer for the release from the tyrant, sadness for her son and his father. Diane Mott Davidson handles this dichotomy very well. It’s not good when anyone is murdered like that, no matter what he was like in life. We all hope we never meet someone like the Jerk, especially when Goldy has some final self revelations about him.

Plus, Davidson has given an interesting mystery to go with this cozy mystery. It remains a cozy mystery, but is done well as a detective mystery as well. Red herrings are all along the way. The Jerk had gotten involved in some shady areas, giving the reader more misdirection. The final whipped topping, so to speak, are the recipes included for the caterer. As usual, they beg to be tried in my own kitchen.

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