Double Deuce by Robert B. Parker



Double Deuce (Spenser) Double DeuceRobert B. Parker; Berkley 1993WorldCatHawk agrees to help clean up a gang owned neighborhood. The neighborhood is all black and below the lowest poverty levels. Hawk has Spenser assist him. Hawk is accepted by the residents, but Spenser is looked on suspiciously.

The gang of toughs quickly face up to Hawk to test him. Hawk (and Spenser) ignore their posturing. A teen age girl and her baby had been murdered in some sort of retaliation drive by shooting. Hawk knows this gang was responsible. He just has to prove it.

This novel allows us some insights into Hawk. This is Hawk’s story told from Spenser’s viewpoint. Hawk has always been the secretive, private, uncommunicative person. While he stays as mysterious as normal, he still reveals part of his history. Spenser is able to understand Hawk a bit more.

Once again Parker has delivered a readable book. Spenser also has moved in with Susan. It takes a while for their new relationship to adjust. Spenser fans will enjoy that, and so will any mystery fan. This also gives a frightening picture of the worst part of the slums.

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