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RomanceRomantic SuspenseDon't Let Go by Marliss Melton

Don’t Let GoMarliss Melton; Forever 2008WorldCatWhen Solomon McGuire’s Navy SEAL team rescues Jordan Bliss from Venezuala during a revolution, But he refuses to allow her to bring the young boy with her. Miguel is left behind with a priest. Jordan fights the extraction, but Solomon knows Americans are in danger of being killed. He forces her on the helicopter and back to the United States. He doesn’t realize how committed Jordan is – she is in the process of adopting Miguel. He is her son.

Solomon understands what it is like to miss a child. He hasn’t seen his son since his wife life five years earlier. But now Silas is returned to him. His wife died and Silas was with someone else. She contacted Solomon. Now that Solomon has Silas back, he discovers the boy can’t read. He will be starting school soon. This father loves to read and wants his son to have the same joy. He contacts Jordan to see if she’ll tutor his son in reading so the boy will be able to read in school.

Jordan needs the money, so accepts the job. She is returning to Venzuala to retrieve Miguel. She tells Solomon, but he tries to talk her out of it. He knows the rebels have taken over and have forbidden Americans to be in the country. He instead promises her that he will use his contacts to have someone rescue Miguel for her. She finally agrees with him – aloud. She plans to go anyway.

The two discover a mutual attraction as well. Jordan knows she is falling in love. After his wife, Solomon doesn’t believe in love. It doesn’t matter – when she goes to Venezuala for her son, she knows Solomon will never forgive her.

Sexy, hot, suspenseful and edge of the seat action – a good description of Marliss Melton’s Don’t Let Go. Melton uses her knowledge of Navy SEALs to write this romantic suspense. She shows the dangers the teams face regularly to protect the United States and its citizens. Solomon is a sexy, hot man and Jordan is a smart, sexy woman. She is so focused on having her son back that her own wisdom and conscience is ignored.

Contemporary romantic suspense – Melton delivers. Don’t Let Go is part of her Navy SEALs series and it doesn’t let the reader go.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence

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