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Divided in Death (In Death) Divided in DeathJ. D. Robb; Berkley 2004WorldCatReva Ewing is furious. She goes over to her best friend’s house to confront this woman and Reva’s husband. She slips the security system and goes up to the bedroom. There are the two in bed…dead. She smells something strange, then goes unconscious. When she awakes, she calls her mother. Her mother, Caro Ewing, happens to be Roarke’s personal assistant. Reva is the head of his security on a top secret project. So Caro calls Roarke who pulls in his wife. Eve Dallas happens to be a homicide cop for the NYPSD.

When Eve arrives at the scene, Reva Ewing is the obvious suspect. Her fingerprints are on the knife used to murder the victims. Her fingerprints are on the stunner that subdued the two long enough to be killed. Even the bathroom sink has one fingerprint left after it was wiped off. Despite her anger, Reva claims she didn’t do it. Eve is sure Reva is being framed. Now she has to discover who, and why.

This murder becomes very personal for Eve and Roarke. The more they dig, the more connections are found with the HSO, an organization that fights terrorism and international espionage. There is a techno terrorist group that is working on the ultimate computer worm that destroys computers and networks, frying the hardware. Roarke’s secret project appears to be a target. Connections to the past are uncovered.

This is the first novel in hardback solely under Robb’s name. The Eve Dallas series, set in the late 2050’s, has 20 books and novellas before this mystery. The personal side of the series with Dallas, Roarke, and their friends, is very important in this novel. As is often the case, Robb intertwines the personal and the murder into a tale that’s hard to put down. The mystery is intense, well crafted.

I’m of two minds whether this is a good book to read for the reader who hasn’t discovered any of the earlier novels in the series. It’s an excellent book, in my opinion. But much of that rests on my involvement in the characters. I was hurting for Eve and Roarke by the end of it. Their lives are so mixed up with the mystery, it’s difficult to separate them into two parts of the book. There is a lot of history for that couple in all the earlier novels. I’m sure new readers will enjoy this without the history. Yet I think knowing what went before makes this better for me.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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