Dinosaur Planet by Anne McCaffrey


Science Fiction

Dinosaur Planet Dinosaur PlanetAnne McCaffrey; Del Rey 1984WorldCatKai and Varian are co-leaders of an expedition to Ireta to check out the planet for mineral deposits, flora, and fauna. Their group is the standard mixture of humans from different planets and spaceships, different specialties, and different interests. From the beginning their exploration uncovers opposing information. The area where they first settle should be rich in ore deposits. Yet there are none. The animals are a mixture of dinosaur-type cold blooded animals and warm blooded animals.

Then some of the team members start behaving oddly. They start becoming secretive. They grumble and complain. Some of the equipment disappears. The team is unable to contact their superiors off planet. Will Kai and Varian solve the mystery before it is too late and they become planet-bound?

Every once in a while Anne McCaffrey disappoints me. This book is one of those times. The characters are not drawn as sharply as usual. The planet is appealing and presents some interesting mysteries. The ending is disappointing. I would guess there has to be at least one sequel to this to finish the loose ends that are left. The book is readable, just not what I normally expect from McCaffrey.

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