Die for Love by Elizabeth Peters


Cozy Mystery

Die for Love Die for LoveElizabeth Peters; Avon 2002WorldCatJacqueline Kirby felt the need to escape from Coldwater, Nebraska, for a short vacation. She decides to visit New York City and the Historical Romance Writer’s Convention. As a librarian she is certain she can write it off as a business expense. It does not matter she has not read anything within the current realm of romance novels. She can start her research on the plane.

By the time she reaches New York she is certain she could write these novels as well. She attends the convention to get a feel for the field, learn about the publishers, agents, and editors. She immediately puts herself forward and gets involved with the highly touted agent and her best selling stable of authors. When the scandal journalist and the president of the fan club the undercurrents become nasty.

Jacqueline decides she could enjoy being a romance writer. Instead, she finds herself being a sleuth when someone dies at one of the gala parties of the convention. When she is pushed into the street into oncoming New York City traffic she knows the danger is not past, and more people could get hurt or die.

Jacqueline is an interesting character. Elizabeth Peters’ (Barbara Mertz) views of the romance writing field are a hoot. Since one of her other nom de plumes is Barbara Michaels, the romance writer, she knows the behind the scenes action. She pokes fun and lets the reader enjoy her wit and sense of fun when involved with writing romances. The mystery is only the background for us to meet Jacqueline Kirby again.

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