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SuspenseRomanceDesperate Deeds by Dee Davis

Desperate DeedsDee Davis; Forever 2010WorldCatWhen a simple escort operation goes wrong, Tyler Hanson is almost killed and the two men with her are killed. They were taking some special detonators to be shipped to England. Owen Wakefield is the M5 agent who helps with her debriefing. It appears as if she could be blamed for the screw up. As it is, she believes she is responsible for the two soldiers’ deaths. Owen helps her through the dark hours before she returns to A-Tac.

When she returns to A-Tac things are unsettled. It appears that once again someone within their unit has leaked information or sabotaged one of their missions. They start looking harder at the possible culprit, especially after Tyler has more attempts on her life. Two more people are assigned temporarily to A-Tac. Owen is one of them, representing the British government.

Owen has his own secrets above what A-Tac has. He has been assigned to A-Tac to find the mole in the group. He has to investigate if it is Tyler. She may have rigged the failure of the escort operation. He doesn’t believe it, but agrees she is a logical possibility. Meanwhile, his emotions are sure she’s innocent of sabotage.

Tyler is fighting her own inner battles. She wants to trust Owen. She wants to be wary of him. She knows relationships with coworkers don’t work – at least for her. Others in her group – Annie and Nash as well as Jason and Lara – have managed it. But she and Emmett couldn’t. She’s not sure any relationship with Owen would work either. Yet they have to work together to find who is the mole in A-Tac and prevent a probable nuclear bomb detonation.

Suspend belief of secret government agencies when you read Desperate Deeds. Secret agencies are a favorite romantic suspense topic these days. Once you’ve suspended belief, you can enjoy Dee Davis’ Desperate Deeds.

Dee Davis’ A-Tac is a cool agency. They are commandos with a cover story of a university. All the employees have degrees and teach classes when they are not involved in black operations for the CIA. Each of the books have the protagonist enjoying their classrooms as much as they love the adrenaline rush of the undercover work.

Desperate Deeds is predictable most of the way through the book. It has plenty of steamy sex scenes and somewhat graphic violence scenes. There are many near assassination misses and one sorrowful hit. It’s an escape book, the last of the trilogy for A-Tac, although there is room for another one or two books that could come up.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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