Desert Heat by J.A. Jance


Mystery Desert heat Desert HeatJudith A. Jance; Avon Books 1993WorldCatJoanna Brady is waiting for her husband, Andrew, to come home from his policeman’s job to go out to celebrate their tenth anniversary. As it grows later she gets more worried.

When she goes out looking, she finds him off the side of the road, dying from a gunshot. He is rushed to a hospital in Tuscon and undergoes surgery. While waiting at the hospital Joanna starts sensing undercurrents. Andy is on the brink of death after a murder attempt, yet there are insinuations of a suicide attempt, illegal activities, and an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Joanna is sure Andy is innocent of the vague accusations but now she has to prove it and protect their nine-year-old daughter and her husband from the slander that is creeping throughout their town.

Before she is able to clear Andy she gets involved with the DEA, a professional killer, and standing up to her mother. This is a down-to-earth woman caught up in circumstances that completely change her life. This is easy reading and totally involving. I was hooked into this story immediately and finished it within two to three hours. I’m looking forward to more books in this series.

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