Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs


Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs

Déjà DeadSuspenseKathy Reichs; Pocket Star 1998WorldCatDr. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist temporarily working in Montreal working for the province. Her grown daughter is attending college in North Carolina. She is separated from her husband. She’s an alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in over four years. Her specialty is working with bones.

Brennan gets called out to check some bones at a burial site. They’re hoping the unearthed bones are from old graves. But instead they have found a body of a woman who was murdered and dismembered. The body has been hidden away in the burial grounds for quite some time. As she is examining the bones back in the lab, she begins to see similarities to a body she had examined a while back. She is afraid there may be a serial killer in Montreal.

She can’t convince the police she works with of the possibility. Brennan continues her work, and spends time with her best friend Gabby. Gabby is a social anthropologist who is working with the prostitutes in Montreal to learn how their society works. Between the dead bodies, her best friend, her failed marriage, and her daughter wanting to drop out of college, Brennan’s life is a tangle.

Deja Dead is the first novel by Kathy Reichs. Reichs chooses what she knows, forensic anthropology, and turns it into a compelling mystery. Her Temperance Brennan is not the character portrayed in the television series, Bones, although the show is inspired by Reichs’ books.

Brennan tells this story in first person narrative. That perspective keeps the reader involved. Brennan’s thoughts, fears, nerves, happinesses and sadnesses are vivid. She has many personal conflicts going on in her life, giving the novel more depth. The mystery is well plotted and keeps the reader guessing. There are a few clues but they’re not easy to follow.

Notice:  Graphic violence

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