Deception Cove by Jayne Castle


Science FictionRomantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseDeception Cove by Jayne CastleAlice North is being stalked by the mother of the man she had married briefly. Mrs. Whitcomb is sure Alice murdered her son. The woman won’t believe someone else killed her son. Since her paranormal talent is invisibility, Alice works as a magician in different cities in Harmony. As she stays on the run, her assistant and only friend is Houdini, a dust bunny. The woman has ruined Alice’s life through false accusations and harassment.

One night Alice meets the one man who can see her when she is invisible. Drake Sebastian had been light-blinded when a vengeful woman threw chemicals in his eyes. He has to wear special shaded glasses in any light, but sees extremely well in the dark.

Drake needs Alice for the same reason her ex-husband did. Alice may be the only person who can help him save Rainshadow. The island has some crystals buried on it that are disrupting the natural and psychic forces surrounding it. Drake’s and Alice’s ancestors had first explored and closed off the island. Drake’s family now owns it. Drake rushes Alice into another temporary marriage. He says it’s to protect her from Mrs. Whitcomb. As they work together on the island, Alice finds she hopes it is for more than that.

Someone, probably a scientist, is hidden in the middle of the island, a dangerous psychic jungle. That person is trying to manipulate the missing crystals, Rainshadow is cut off from the main land by a dense fog. The power on the island is out. The island’s sheriff and Drake’s brother went into the jungle to rescue some people and haven’t returned. Now Drake and Alice have to find the scientist to stop the damage and the psychic forces.

Jayne Castle’s world of Harmony has psychic forces built in through old alien technology and some humans’ natural abilities. Her series is full of energies, “ghosts”, fun dust bunnies who can be vicious, hunters, bad guys, good guys, and hot men and women. Deception Cove is the latest in the series, moving away from her Arcane world without releasing it.

Deception Cove is froth with a mystery thrown in. It’s entertaining and fun, but not deep or involved. Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) keeps Deception Cove light and makes it a satisfactory bit of escape.

Notice: Strong sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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  1. Comment by Jandy:

    Sometimes I’m oblivious…

    My daughter was reading Deception Cove today. She noticed that a girl named Alice was wandering around in a strange garden with weird flowers and overgrown mushrooms.

    Duh. Nose. Face. Just didn’t see that hidden allusion. Thanks, Jayne, for the tip of the hat to Lewis Carroll.


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