Death Takes Passage by Sue Henry


MysteryDeath Takes Passage (Alaska Mysteries) Death Takes PassageSue Henry; Avon 1998WorldCatAlex Jensen and Jessie Arnold have boarded the Spirit of ’98 to reenact the voyage a hundred years earlier of the first shipment of gold from the Alaska gold fields. The ship is carrying two tons of gold from Skagway, Alaska to Seattle. It is also retaining its cruise ship status by taking a group of passengers, some of whom are descendents from the original gold miners. Alex is the token Alaskan policeman for show. He is looking forward some time off. Jessie comes along with him.

The trouble starts the first night. During a centennial celebration on land, some Alaskan heirlooms are stolen from some of the passengers. Next, a crew member disappears. Alex and the captain keep things as quiet as possible. The cruise continues as planned. The entertainment continues. The ship stays on course to visit some of the gorgeous bays along the Alaskan coast.

But there they discover the body of a dead woman. They eventually discover she was the bride on a sailboat stolen from the Skagway harbor. Their missing crew member is found – drowned as they expected. Now Alex is looking for a murderer on board. Jessie helps him investigate different possible suspects. What is going on? And why?

I’ve been wanting to start this series, but was planning to wait until I finished school. Then we booked a Glacier Bay cruise on my school break. I read this book in the series for the cruise notes. I had fun reading about the different Alaskan cities where we will be stopping. I also found a good mystery. The reasons for the mystery is there, the clues are there, but it is well crafted and has its twists to throw off the reader. I recommend this book both for the scenery and the mystery. It’s a good one.

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