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Death Pact Death PactWilliam Manchee; Top Publications, Ltd. 2003WorldCatReview by Molly. First reviewed for author.

When thirty one year old Dallas Attorney Richard Coleman is asked to become trustee for Franklin Fox estate he has no idea that within a few weeks his life is going to make a complete change. Pretty, headstrong seventeen year old Erica Fox is used to getting her own way, and how.

Rich receives a frantic call from Switzerland where the elder Fox has just died in an accident and a tearful Erica needs help. Rich soon finds himself beguiled by the seductive young miss, making poor decisions and even marrying his young ward. When Erica’s tight lipped aunt is found dead and Erica is charged with murder Rich is enmeshed in a fight for his own professional life and for the life of his wife. The pair are nearly frantic in their efforts to effect a favorable outcome to the trial Erica must face. Erica vows she would rather be dead than face life in prison without Rich. Rich knows he feels the same.

Death Pact is another in the growing body of hard hitting, well written books being produced by talented writer William Manchee. In Rich Coleman we find a very likable if somewhat befuddled man besotted by his young wife. Writer Manchee weaves a carefully crafted tale around the human frailties of greed, immaturity, unreasonable demands and the often incomprehensible behavior of the human critter.

Filled with the same good writing, eye to detail and awareness of the not always pretty human condition we have come to know and enjoy so well in his previous works, Undaunted, Second Chair and Brash Endeavor author Manchee makes a bit of departure in Death Pact. Language is a little grittier and sex scenes are a little sexier than found in the Stan Turner series. True to his well developed professional writing style Manchee does not rely on glitz or sensational to carry the tale; rather he draws the reader into the narrative from the outset and holds interest tight with a good narrative, well developed characters and believable dialogue.

You can meet Richard Coleman again in Plastic Gods.

Not for everyone; some graphic language and some graphic sex.

Enjoyed the read. Highly recommended.

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