Death of a Snob by M.C. Beaton


Cozy Mystery

Death of a snob Death of a SnobM. C. Beaton; Ivy Books 1992WorldCatIt’s Christmas and Hamish Macbeth has a bad cold. He is sure he is dying and is anticipating his visit home for the holiday. But his mother calls and tells him not to come this year because of visiting other family members. Now he feels even worse for himself. Then a friend refers Jane Weatherby to him.

Jane, a beautiful although eccentric woman, owns a health spa on one of the small Scottish islands. She believes someone is trying to kill her. Could Hamish join her with some friends for Christmas and catch the alleged person? The promise of warmth, company, food, and drink lures Hamish to join her. Once he’s there, he’s not so sure this was a good idea. She must be mistaken. Perhaps he’ll leave early.

But two things keep him. One is an interesting, slightly older, single woman. The other is the body of one of the fellow guests. It looks like she fell off the cliff in the bad weather. But Hamish believes someone struck her neck with a rock and pushed her off the cliff. Of course, no one agrees with him. And of course, he follows the case through, even visiting Glasgow as he tries to prove there was a murder and who did it.

Hamish Macbeth is a charming ne’er-do-well even if he is also a good policeman and detective. Death of a Snob fits right in with M.C. Beaton’s series. It’s comfortable and Hamish is likeable. This time the solution to the murder is a bit far-fetched, and the logic used to come to the probable conclusion before it is proven is shaky. I’m still not sure how they made the intuitive leap that lead to the killer. Even so, fans of the series will like this one.

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