Death of a Dude by Rex Stout



Death of a Dude Death of a DudeRex Stout; Bantam 1995WorldCatArchie Goodwin has been on vacation in Montana. His lady friend, Lily Rowan, owns a ranch there. This summer, a dude was murdered after he was there 3 days. Lily’s foreman has been accused and jailed for the murder. She and Archie are certain that Harvey Greve had not killed the man who had caused trouble in his family’s life the summer before.

Goodwin sends a letter to Nero Wolfe. Goodwin is taking a leave of absence and staying in Montana until Greve is exonerated. Goodwin is determined to find the real murderer. He tells Wolfe that the other men in Wolfe’s loose knit group can sub for him until he finishes. Instead, Wolfe shows up in Montana within the week. Soon, both of them are looking for the killer of the dude from St. Louis. The only person who appears to have a motive is Greve, the man they are certain is innocent.

Nero Wolfe in backwoods Montana – it expands the imagination, doesn’t it! Yet the city-bred Wolfe carries it off with panache. The mystery is misleading. Presumably the reader is not supposed to try to solve it, because the resolution came out of left field. The writing is good; the characters feel real. Rex Stout is one of our classic mystery authors. Despite the mystery twist this is one to enjoy.

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