Death in Blue Folders by Margaret Maron


MysteryDEATH IN BLUE FOLDERS (Sigrid Harald Mystery) Death In Blue FoldersMargaret Maron; Crimeline 1992WorldCatLt. Sigrid Harald and her partner, Detective Tillman, are called in to investigate the murder of a retiring attorney. They learn he had some special clients that only he dealt with. The more they dig, the more suspicious they become. It seems the attorney may have been blackmailing these clients. Could one of the blackmail victims have been the murderer?

OK – that’s pretty much the story line. Margaret Maron has fun with her mystery novels, and this one is no exception. While Sigrid is trying to solve this mystery she is also looking for a new place to live. Oscar Naumann is around, also, making her realize she is feminine as well as a female detective.

There are enough suspects with hidden secrets (thus the blackmail) to keep the reader guessing. The clues are there if the reader wants to follow them. At one point early in the book I asked the question that ultimately points to the murder. But I let it go, just enjoying Maron’s story and characters rather than trying to solve the mystery.

Word of warning – this book was hard to find. I finally found a copy to borrow from a family member who had stumbled across it at a used book store. It’s not essential to the overall series. Still, if you like Maron’s work and like Sigrid Harald, you’ll like Death in Blue Folders.

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