Death by Latte by Linda Gerber


Cozy Mystery

Young AdultDeath by latte Death By LatteLinda C. Gerber; Sleuth /Speak 2008WorldCat

After a harrowing time at her dad’s tropical island resort (Death by Bikini), Aphra learns where her mother is. Her boyfriend, Seth, and his family had been sent to her family resort by her mom, Natalie. Aphra hasn’t seen or even heard from her mother in years. Now, using Seth’s information, Aphra sneaks off to Seattle and Pike’s Place Market.

When the plane lands Aphra immediately heads down to the market to find her mom. Unfortunately, her mother wasn’t glad to see her. In fact, Natalie insisted she return to her dad on the next plane. Aphra is able to avoid that and goes with Natalie and her co-worker Joe. Stuart, the third person in their group, was waiting for them at the apartment.

Aphra learns more than she wants to know about her mom’s life right now. Reluctantly, she agrees to return to the resort. But after Seth shows up in Seattle looking for Aphra, everything gets worse. Soon Aphra, Seth, and Natalie are on the run.

Linda Gerber’s young adult suspense novel, Death by Latte, is a bit over the top. I haven’t read the first book, so I can’t compare them. When adult suspense novels go all over the place it can be overdone. In this one, the action is definitely overdone.

Despite that, Death by Latte is a fun, quick read that young adults will appreciate. It will spark the admiration for what a teen can do that Gerber is trying to show. This book is a bit of forgettable escape that should appeal to the target audience.

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