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RomanceRomantic SuspenseDeath Angel by Linda Howard

Death AngelLinda Howard; Ballantine Books 2009WorldCatAs the mistress of an organized crime drug lord, Drea Rousseau catered to the man’s every whim. She was the dumb blonde he wanted her to be. But when he let another man have her as a payment, she’d had enough. She had hidden her intelligence from him for over two years. Now she uses it to steal his money and escape.

She leaves New York City and is on the run west. She can’t get far enough from the man hired to track her down and kill her for her betrayal. The man is a hired assassin – and the most mesmerizing man Drea has ever met. Any man is a danger to her – but this one will kill her. If he doesn’t, her evasions might get her killed anyway.

Linda Howard takes chances with her romantic suspense novels. The first half of Death Angel is too preposterous, especially for a romance novel. It appears the romance is between a drug lord’s mistress and a cold assassin. While Howard’s writing kept me pulled in, the scenario seemed ludicrous. Both of these people need redemption. Usual romance novel formula has one person of the couple as “good” – usually the woman – who redeems the other person. Death Angel doesn’t fit that formula.

The second half of Death Angel pulls the story together into a readable one. By the end the reader is finally cheering the ex-mistress and the man in her life. The sex is steamy as fitting modern romantic suspense. Even so, the story line is barely plausible, so while I enjoy Howard’s writing, Death Angel is one that can be missed.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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