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SuspenseRomanceDeadly Lies by Cynthia Eden

Deadly LiesCynthia Eden; Forever 2011WorldCatWhen she was kidnapped and almost killed in the line of duty, FBI agent Samantha Smith came close to breaking completely. After healing and therapy, months later she is back on the job. She insists on being in the field although she usually works at a desk on her computer. She knows that Hyde, her boss, is watching her closely to see if she can handle it.

But now Samantha has an extra edge or need. She finds Max Ridgeway and has a one night stand with him. She discovers she wants more. She finds him again. Their one night stand turns into more. Then Max’s younger brother is kidnapped by a serial killer. The abduction fits the pattern of the case she is currently working. Rich young men are being abducted. Ransom demands are being sent to their parents with a specific time limit. Two men were returned alive when their parents paid. Two were returned cut into pieces. Quinlan is the fifth man to be abducted.

She and Max are in the bar with Quinlan. After they leave, the man is kidnapped. Max receives the ransom call a few hours later, along with the demand “no cops”. But Samantha is already involved. She hadn’t told Max what she does for a living. She sends a text message to the lead of her FBI team. Now she has to tell Max.

Max is furious. She may compromise Quinlan’s return. But she’s involved now. She can’t not be involved. The team stays invisible so the abductor doesn’t realize that the FBI is involved. They hope to get the young man back safely – without anyone else getting hurt.

The mystery in Deadly Lies is excellent. It’s an edge of the seat puzzle with unexpected twists through to the end. This is a romantic suspense, so Max and Samantha’s relationship is the other focus of Cynthia Eden’s novel. These type of novels have vivid sex scenes. Deadly Lies goes a little too far, in my opinion. A fewer number of graphic episodes would have been better. It gets to the point where the reader feels like a voyeur (or is reading the letters in a men’s magazine).

Cynthia Eden tells a good story. The mystery gets gruesome yet is compelling. Samantha’s demons are real (see the first book in the series, Deadly Fear). She is defined and well conflicted throughout the book. But the interpersonal scenes are overdone and detract from the story.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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