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SuspenseRomanceDeadly Heat by Cynthia Eden

Deadly HeatCynthia Eden; Kensington Publishing Corp. 2008WorldCatFirefighter Lora Spade contacts the FBI Special Services Division when she believes there is a serial arsonist in Charlottesvile. Kenton Lake is the lead agent from the SSD to investigate and find the arsonist. Lora lost the man she loved six months earlier in one of the fires set by the Phoenix.

Kent is knocked sideways by Lora. He is immediately attracted to her. The attraction hits him hard and fast, pulling his attention away from the arsons. Lora feels the same attraction. for Kent. She still loves Carter, but this FBI agent has something that pulls her in.

Meanwhile the Phoenix continues his fires. He is escalating. He starts making sure someone is in the buildings he burns. He calls in to 911 just after the fires start to “give the fire department a chance to put it out”. He has them too well set for the firefighters to save the buildings or the people. The fires are all set differently, using different accelerants and different methods of ignition.

Monica Davenport is called in to profile the arsonist. They are certain the arsonist is a man who is well acquainted with fire – possibly a firefighter. Lora refuses to believe any of her coworkers could be an arsonist. She has watched them fighting fires, running in to save people when all wise people would run from the burning building. Her anger at the SSD doesn’t take away from her attraction to Kent.

Deadly Heat starts hard and continues that way throughout. the book. Cynthia Eden doesn’t pull any punches in the arsons, the violence, and the love scenes. The first part of the book does a good job of shielding the identity of the arsonist. By the end of the second third, I was sure who the man was. I knew this book is a romantic suspense, so the main characters will get together. But it is very close, keeping the book edgy.

Lora Spade is an interesting character. She was in a fire when she was a child. Her brother was badly injured and her father died. That is why she has become a firefighter. She carries a lot of demons that she is able to keep conquered. Kent is the rugged, sexy, over the top manly man. He works in a job that is full of risks that attract him. There are few real men who can equal this fictional one in Deadly Heat.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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