Deadline by John Dunning


MysteryDeadline DeadlineJohn Dunning; Pocket 1997WorldCatDalton Walker is a newspaper reporter. He has won a Pulitzer Prize for a story he did, has written an indepth non-fictional book on another story, and now can write stories of his own choosing. He has recently joined a paper in Newark, New Jersey. His new editor wants him to write a story on a Radio City Music Hall Rockette that had been raised Amish and had broken away. He wants to follow up on a story he started on a young Jane Doe from a circus fire. She was only about eight years old and her family never came to claim the unknown girl’s body.

He meets Diana, the Rockette, who refuses again to be interviewed. But he is intrigued and pursues a friendship with her and ignores the story. He thinks he discovers the girl’s family, but has more digging to do. When one situation suddenly turns on him, the other also gets involved. He finds himself tangled in a story bigger and more dangerous than anything he could have ever anticipated.

This is a fascinating story. I never knew where it would lead me next. If anyone had ever suggested combining a story of underground radicals left from the sixties and the Amish to me I would have looked at them strangely. Yet Dunning twists the two together as if they were a natural link. The mystery keeps the reader guessing and the action doesn’t stop until the final pages.

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