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Dead Midnight (Sharon McCone Mysteries) Dead MidnightMarcia Muller; Grand Central Publishing 2003WorldCatWhen Roger Nagasawa committed suicide, his godfather, a respected attorney in San Francisco, asks Sharon McCone to look into the matter. The Nagasawa family wants to sue the young man’s employer for the stress of driving him to take his own life. McCone is asked to look into the online ‘zine (news magazine only available on the Internet) and its management.

McCone almost refuses the job because her older brother Joey just committed suicide as well and she’s not sure she can handle the emotions the case could involve. She is persuaded to take the case because of the respect and friendship she has for Glenn Solomon, the lawyer.

With the help of an old reporter friend, J.D. Smith, McCone is able to spend time at the ‘zine offices. Through her investigations and now at the building, she realizes that the ‘zine is in financial trouble. Also the managing editor confides in her that someone is trying to sabotage the ‘zine so that it has to close.

One of Nagasawa’s friends disappears, afraid for her life. Then McCone finds Smith’s body. He was killed following the same leads she is. The simple investigation has now turned deadly. McCone needs to figure out what is happening and who is at the root of all the troubles at the ‘zine.

Marcia Muller has put some good twists and turns into Dead Midnight. The “who” of who done it is obscured through the number of people involved. Even then, it depends on which crime the reader chooses to decide which “who” done what. She appears to be reaching a bit when it comes to Smith’s murderer, but it works.

This is a good detective novel, salting the clues throughout and letting McCone pull them together. It’s a quick read and well done. San Francisco comes to life through Muller’s pen…er, word processor. Ya just gotta like Sharon McCone.

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