Dark Light by Jayne Castle


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Dark light Dark LightJayne Castle; Jove Books 2008WorldCatIn Crystal City the main tabloid is The Curtain. Sierra McIntyre is their newest reporter and has been attacking the Ghost Hunter Guild for keeping secrets and not caring for their own. She is certain an alien lab has been found in the catacombs underground and is producing a drug that is ruining retired ghost hunters. She is able to arrange an interview with the new Guild boss, known as Fontana.

She is amazed to learn that Fontana agrees with her. There is some secret drug getting out to the ghost hunters. He’s not sure about the alien lab part, but he is sure there are some Guild members involved. Fontana offers Sierra the scoop on the story with an interesting condition. He hopes to protect her from the people pushing the drug. The condition will keep her by his side until the mystery is solved.

Sierra quickly realizes she is attracted to Fontana. But he is a Guild Boss and, naturally, a strong ghost hunter. Her own psychic gift reassures her she is safe with him. Is her heart safe, too? Does she want it to be?

Dark Light is similar in tone as the prior books Jayne Castle has written about Harmony – a planet settled by humans that gives odd psychic powers. It’s fast paced and uses an intriguing premise with their different paranormal abilities.

This one isn’t as good as the previous books. It’s fun and I’d recommend it if you like the series. Yet it doesn’t catch quite right – making it an average romance and a good way to escape for a while. Jayne Ann Krentz is almost always reliable for a good romance. Even her “average” ones like this have strong characters and dreamy leading men. What’s not to like? Plus, you gotta like her dust bunny. Who says The King is dead?

Notice: Non-graphic violence; Strong sexual content

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