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SuspenseRomanceDark Deception by Dee Davis

Dark DeceptionsDee Davis; Forever 2010WorldCatEight years earlier Annie Gallagher had been a covert CIA agent working with Nash Brennon in Europe. It was a dangerous life but she left it. Now she hides away in Colorado with her young son, staying out of the game from Adam’s sake. But someone wants her back in the game. Adam is kidnapped. The kidnapper wants Annie to user her sniper abilities on a high ranking American target. She isn’t to contact anyone.

Nash Brennon now works with the covert CIA team that takes on special assignments. They are concerned about the United States ambassador to the United Nations. They also hear a rumor that Annie may be the hit person. They catch her outside the ambassador’s home and take her captive. She finally has to admit that someone wants her to kill the ambassador, although she was trying to figure a way not to do it, yet get her son back. She also freely admits that if she had to kill the ambassador, she would if Adam was returned to her.

Annie and Nash parted on harsh terms. He told her he was moving on in the CIA. Then when he was injured, she disappeared, leaving him to die. He doesn’t trust her now although he also believes she is a loyal retired agent. She can’t trust him or anyone when it comes to keeping Adam safe. She knows how the CIA works. Adam could easily become “collateral damage”. She was instructed not to contact anyone. But they caught her and she doesn’t have a choice but to work with them. Annie will trust Adam to them as long as she is with them the whole way. Can she trust Nash again, though?

Dee Davis has crafted an intriguing romantic suspense novel. Dark Deceptions features a CIA team that is personable – they are college professors when they’re not in the field – and dangerous. Annie and Nash’s misconceptions are solidly based on what they know, not what they assume. The reader quickly knows Adam’s secret and why Annie is so protective.

But the antagonist behind the kidnapping is a character out for revenge. The plot isn’t contrived. It works well and believably. Dee Davis gets the readers believing in her romantic suspense novel and keeps them going for the ride.

I was pulled in and stayed throughout the ride of Dark Deceptions. I’m looking forward to the next one in this series.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content, Strong indecent language

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