Dark Assassin by Anne Perry


SuspenseDark Assassin by Anne Perry

Dark AssassinAnne Perry; Ballantine Books 2006WorldCatWilliam Monk has taken a new job. His independent private investigating was not enough to keep he and Hester. He has taken a job working with the Thames River Police. He is replacing a man he respected and felt was a friend who died. The men who work with him resent him for living when Durban had died. Monk knows he still has to earn their respect and he may not be able to do that.

Monk is in a boat patrolling with his men when they see a couple arguing on a bridge. As they watch the woman falls over the side and the man follows her. Did she try to commit suicide and he try to stop her? Did he push her? Were they arguing and she tripped, then he followed while trying to rescue her? Monk is determined to find out what happened.

After Hester became ill while nursing in a clinic for prostitutes and women in trouble, Monk wants her to quit. As a dutiful wife, she agrees. Yet as an opinionated, strong woman, she doesn’t like it. She instead gets pulled into an investigation of the dangers involved in the building of the modern sewers under London. The sewer is a necessity. But are the companies doing the work cutting corners? Is there a danger of a major collapse that could kill hundreds or set London on fire?

Monk’s investigation soon crosses Hester’s. The woman and man are related to one of the company owners and his wife. Are the drowning deaths related to the dangers of the tunnels for the new sewers? Hester sets up their new home and dares to enter the River Tunnel under the Thames. Both of them learn what life is like for Londoners who live underground in the 1860’s.

This year I’ve read a few of the newest novels in some of my favorite series and been disappointed. Anne Perry, though, has retained her excellence of the William Monk series in Dark Assassin. The mystery is well crafted and has some good twists. Hester doesn’t play as big of a part in this novel but doesn’t lose any of her spirit.

Perry maintains the attitude of the time. I wasn’t just reading about London expanding the sewer, but experienced the essence of the time. The time period comes to life, showing history as it was. Monk and Hester see the dregs of London society, yet the reader understands that was the life of the time. The book is dark in feeling and hopeful in emotions. It’s also an excellent mystery.

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