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SuspenseRomanceDangerous Desires by Dee Davis

Dangerous DesiresDee Davis; Forever 2010WorldCatDrake Flynn works with A-Tac, a deep undercover unit working for the CIA. His job is his life – both for A-Tac and his cover job as an archeology professor at Sunderland College. That was his passion before he added the CIA to his life. He has no family left and other than his team members, no one he can trust. He thought he found a woman he could trust – until she tried to kill him.

Madeline Reynard left Louisiana and went down to Columbia to rescue her sister, Jenny. She landed in the San Mateo prison for murdering a man who was attacking Jenny. Then she was removed from there to work for a drug and gun running cartel. Again, Jenny was hostage and used to coerce Madeline. Jenny dies; now Madeline has a chance to get away. She is able to get a message to the American consulate. Then she is returned to the cartel as a hostage herself.

A-Tac is called in to sneak into Columbia, rescue Madeline and blow up the munitions cache near where she is being held. They believe she is the head of the cartel’s mistress. Madeline knows what she really did for them, and is not looking forward to a return to the States. But it’s got to be better than staying with the cartel. Her main goal, though, is to get out. She doesn’t trust anyone and takes off on her own whenever possible.

When A-Tac is blowing up the munitions, she takes off. Drake goes after her while the others barely escape the snipers who have followed them. Once he finds her again, he refuses to let her go. He is charged with getting her back to the CIA headquarters in Washington DC. They head off to a small town on the coast that was the designated meeting place in case something went wrong.

Dangerous Desires is fairly typical of this type of romantic suspense. Drake and Madeline’s lives are in danger for most of the book. They despise each other, then reluctantly admit to other, more dangerous feelings as well. Drake does not want to trust another woman. Madeline doesn’t want to trust anyone else. But they have to.

There is a subplot that started in the first book about A-Tac and will continue into the last novel. Someone within the CIA or A-Tac itself is feeding information to the other side. The people running munitions and drugs know where Drake and Madeline will be within a short time of the CIA discovering where they are going. That makes the journey more perilous.

Dee Davis is going for edgy suspense in her A-Tac novels. She accomplished that with the first one. Dangerous Desires falls short. The book is fairly predictable. It’s readable and a way to escape for a few hours. If you like this type of romantic suspense, this one will do you well. But Drake and Madeline never quite come to life and the situation is a bit over the top.

Notice:  Graphic violence, Strong sexual content, Strong indecent language

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