Dancing in the Dark by Stuart Kaminsky


Cozy Mystery

Dancing in the Dark (Toby Peters Mysteries Dancing in the DarkStuart M. Kaminsky; Mysterious Press 1997WorldCat

When this novel opens Toby Peters is trying to give a dance lesson to Luna Martin. Luna is the mistress of the gangster “Fingers”. She insisted that Fred Astaire give her dance lessons. Astaire gives her one lesson, then turns to Toby for help. Before Toby can take over the dance lessons, he needs lessons from Astaire.

Now Toby is facing a wrathful Luna. When Fingers comes in, Toby is getting more concerned. Luna knows how to get what she wants. She only has to have Fingers be told what she wants and he will make sure she gets it – one way or another. The problem Fingers has is Mrs. Fingers. He needs to keep her and Luna apart.

That problem is solved for him, though. Luna is killed. Now Toby has gone from dance instructing back to detecting. He gets involved, following the dance trail until he discovers a bigger conspiracy than anyone anticipates.

This is a mystery (series) for those of us who fell in love with Hollywood of the 1940’s and all those wonderful, classy movie stars. This one features Fred Astaire. It’s fun with a good mystery included. Dancing in the Dark is an enjoyable easy read. Kaminsky evokes the atmosphere of the classy time to appeal to those of us on the outside.

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