Cyberkiss by Sally Chapman


Cozy MysteryCyberkiss by Sally Chapman

CyberkissSally Chapman; St. Martin’s Press 1996WorldCat Onceagain Julie Blake and her lover, Vic Paoli, accept a job performing a simple net search. Their client has been feeling threatened in real life after receiving messages from an anonymous correspondent. The messages started safe enough, but kept becoming more threatening and sadistic. When his unknown correspondent describes the outside of his apartment building, he contacts Data9000 Security Agency.

Although this type of work is not their specialty, and job is welcome as their business starts. So they pretend to be consultant programmers at their client’s business. They start their searching but run into walls. Then, after they exit work one night, they find their client’s body propped against Vic’s car. After recovering from shock, they quickly go back inside and call the police. When they return to the parking lot minutes later, the body has disappeared.

The following morning human bones were found at the company’s incinerator. Identification that must have fallen out of the body’s pocket was found near by. It identified their client as the cremated body.

This mystery keeps the reader guessing. Vic keeps wanting to drop the investigation because their client is dead. Julie wants to keep investigating. Their client paid them, and they should finish the job. This mystery has many twists, turns, possible false trails, and enough suspects to keep them busy. And in the middle of the case is her friend Maxine’s wedding. Julie has to stop sleuthing long enough to be a bridesmaid.

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