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Science FictionCruel Miracles by Orson Scott Card

Cruel MiraclesOrson Scott Card; Tom Doherty Assoc Llc 1992WorldCatOrson Scott Card has a devout faith. Yet he doesn’t usually bring any of his religious beliefs into his stories. As he says in the introduction of Cruel Miracles, most people don’t put science fiction or fantasy together with religion. Yet he feels the genre goes together very well.

In Cruel Miracles he has gathered six of his short stories with religion an integral part of the stories. These are not Christian stories, but rather stories of faith and religion put together with the supernatural or fantastic. Included is “Eye for Eye”, a Hugo Award Best Novella Winner. It’s spooky and mesmerizing. The story plays on our superstitions and our fear of small, insular communities.

Card goes different directions with his stories. There’s a healer. There are aliens who visit Earth and decide to stay. There is the corporate representative trying to set up commerce on a new world and coming up against their beliefs. There is an apocalypse caused by mankind. And there is the Shepherd who cares for his masters and his flock…

Once again Card shows some of the range of his imagination. Each of these stories pulls the reader in. Faith and religion comes in many different forms. And they meld into the science fiction and fantasy genre very well – at least in Orson Scott Card’s hand, anyway. Enjoy these.

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