Crimes Through Time II by Miriam Grace Monfredo and Sharan Newman, editors



Crime through Time 2 Crime Through Time 2Miriam Grace Monfredo; Berkley 1998WorldCat

The mystery novel is only about 150 years old or so. But the love of a good mystery transcends time. This collection of short stories presents crimes throughout the ages. These new stories have mysteries as far back as cro-magnon man, before the word “murder” was invented.

Some include characters the authors have already used in one or more novels, such as John Maddox Roberts’ character Decius Caecilius Metellus, a Roman dignitary who was often needing to solve crimes. Others are brand new characters or settings by well-known mystery authors. Anne Perry leaves 19th century England to write a story that takes place during the Spanish Inquisition. Science fiction writers like Nancy Kress change genres to write these historical mysteries.

Since this is a collection of 19 short stories, there is something for almost every crime reader. I did not care for some of the stories, did not understand a couple, shivered at others, and enjoyed many. All of these mysteries take place at some time in our history, the latest being World War II England. They are a good way to curl up in a way room and spend an evening. Or read one at a time during a 15 minute break. Either way, You won’t be sorry.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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