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Creation in Death (In Death) Creation in DeathNora Roberts; Putnam Adult 2007WorldCatNine years ago Eve Dallas was second officer to Ryan Feeney in an investigation of a serial killer torturing and killing women of a specific physical type. They didn’t catch the “Groom” as he was dubbed but the killings stopped in New York City. Since then the horrendous murders happened in spates in other areas of the world.

Lieutenant Dallas is called in on her time off. A new victim has been found that fits the crimes exactly, including details that were never leaked to the public. The Groom appears to have returned to New York. Dallas, now herself the primary detective, gets the case and immediately pulls together a task force to stop the Groom before too many more women are killed. She knows they are too late to stop the snatch of the second victim, and perhaps the third, but perhaps they can find the Groom before these women die.

When the different clues the Groom allowed to remain start coming together, Dallas realizes that the victim has definite ties with Roarke. So does the second victim once they discover who she is. As the investigation continues, Dr. Mira, the police psychologist, points out that Dallas herself fits the physical requirements of the Groom. Is she also a potential target? It’s possible.

Shiver… J.D. Robb is back in chilling form with Creation in Death. This is one of the darker novels in the series. The Groom is sinister, evil. The reader is given some of his insights throughout – starting with his self declaration that death is his vocation. His careful torture is a dance of sorts that requires an active partner even if she isn’t a willing partner. The reader knows that Dallas, Roarke, and Feeney will prevail in the end – otherwise there wouldn’t be another book in the series. But at what cost to the victims? How much of a victim will Dallas be before the end? Creation in Death keeps the reader wanting to keep turning the pages to find out.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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