Crashlander by Larry Niven


Science Fiction

Crashlander CrashlanderLarry Niven; Del Rey 1994WorldCatThis book chronicles the short stories Niven wrote featuring Beowolf Shaeffer. Beowolf is a Crashlander from the planet We Made It. The first few of these short stories were written in the mid 1960’s, another one in the mid 1970’s, and the last one was written for this novel. Also written for this novel is another short story that ties all of them together.

Crashlander is fun, not outstanding. Beowolf is an interesting character, and the science fiction universe where he lives is well planned. I especially liked the spaceships with impenetrable hulls. Only light waves and lasers could get through them, or all money and an indemnity clause was paid back. The manufacturers had not refunded anyone yet. Until Beowolf comes along, of course.

All stories are told in first person from Beowolf’s viewpoint. That proves to be especially intriguing when he actually loses his head in one story.

Have a good time with this book. Don’t expect great Niven and you won’t be disappointed.

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