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Cover Her Face Cover Her FaceP. D. James; Warner Books 1992WorldCatSally Jupp is an unwed mother who now works as a housemaid at Martingale, the old Maxie family home. Sally obtained the post on referral from the local unwed mothers home. Mr. Maxie is the squire of the English neighborhood and is dying. When she started working at Martingale, her work was good. As she grew comfortable in it, she started taking liberties. Now Martha, the housekeeper, is dissatisfied with Sally. Mrs. Maxie believes Sally is getting uppity. Stephen Maxie, the heir, is attracted to her. Deborah Riscoe, Stephen’s sister, doesn’t trust her. Sally’s adoptive family have abandoned her because of the pregnancy.

The morning after the annual fete Sally is found strangled in her bed. Her bedroom is locked from the inside. Apparently her hot chocolate had been drugged. There is no sign of struggle, as if Sally knew her attacker. Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh is assigned the case. He and Detective-Sargeant Martin come to Martingale to see if they can discover the truth. All signs lead to one of the residents of Martingale. Yet no one in the neighborhood can believe that.

This is the first Dalgliesh novel. I didn’t realize James had been writing these for so long. This one was published in 1962 and refers to the aftermath of World War II. For example, Sally was orphaned during the London bombing. The tone of the novel fits the times. It is not as gritty or harsh as some of the later novels I have read. This is well crafted. Perhaps obvious to some, I was surprised at the ending. I also liked the way this book sounds like Dalgliesh has been an ongoing character. We are given some history to round out his personality but not so much to feel we are just meeting him.

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