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Cozy Mystery

Copy Kat (Kat Colorado Mysteries) Copy KatKaren Kijewski; Crimeline 1990WorldCat

Kat Colorado is still emotionally a wreck after her facedown in Kat’s Cradle. She needs to get away, and Tobias McAlister provides the perfect escape. His goddaughter was murdered a few months before. The police have not found the killer. He would like Kat to go undercover in Nevada City to see if she can discover who killed Diedre.

Kat accepts the job, hoping she can outrun her nightmares. She takes on the position of bartender at the bar that Diedre’s husband owns. Many people in the small, closely knit town, are looking at Matt Durkin suspiciously. Gossip is that he was having an affair before his wife died and they were arguing over money. He says he didn’t kill his wife.

She meets Diedre’s son, sister, and brother-in-law. There was animosity between Diedre and her sister, Chivogny. Stu, the brother-in-law, could not leave Diedre alone. Kat takes her new personality, Kate, and digs her way into Nevada City. She becomes friendly with the residents and gets accepted quickly. Who killed Diedre Durkin? Was it someone she knew, or was she killed by a stranger in a robbery attempt? While the case is helping Kat forget her personal nightmares, it is causing a new set of them instead. Will she become too involved?

Copy Kat is a well-written first person narrative mystery novel. I like Kat, ballsy (can women be ballsy?) yet still female. There is a serious relationship in her life, yet she can continue her work and do what she wants to do. She and Hank have an interesting, long distance relationship (he lives in Las Vegas and she usually lives in Sacramento). Karen Kijewski’s mystery is set up well and lives up to its promises. It keeps the reader guessing.

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