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Conspiracy in Death Conspiracy in DeathJ. D. Robb; Berkley 2003WorldCatIn this page turner Lieutenant Eve Dallas finds herself investigating the death of indigents who are having organs removed. The victims are found in their home surroundings (the outside crib, the run down apartment) with superb surgery performed. It appears someone may be removing their organs either for a non-existent black market or for research. With the availability of artificial organs, both hypotheses seem ridiculous.

Dallas runs into another problem as well. There is another female uniform police who has resented her since they were at the academy at about the same time. Dallas has no idea this woman resents her, even hates her. She had only met this antagonist one or two times. This same uniform was first on the scene of the first murder Dallas investigates and immediately is insubordinate. After their second clash at the next murder, the female officer is found beaten to death. Dallas has her badge and gun pulled during the formal investigation.

Her life is shattered. Her badge, her job – they are her identity. It will take everything her husband, Roarke, and her friends have to help her through this. Now they have to find the medical killer before more indigent people die and support Dallas to regain her sense of self.

This is one of those books that kept pulling me back. My mother knew I was hooked when she asked me to wait a couple minutes before we left the house and I opened this back up. “What are you reading?” was her immediate response. The only reason I didn’t hand the book to her when I was done is because she hasn’t read the earlier “In Death” novels (these books are mysteries set 2050), nor is she a fan of the hard-bitten type detective. But if you meet either of those criteria, this is a great book.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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  1. Comment by Jandy:

    Since I first wrote this review my mother has gotten hooked on the “In Death” series as well. She doesn’t like it as much as I do, but she keeps reading them.


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