Concealed in Death by J.D. Robb


Concealed in Death by J.D. RobbScience FictionRomantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseWhile preparing to rehab an old building, Roarke knocks the first ceremonial holes in an interior wall. Instead of insulation or drywall, he uncovers two skeletons. He immediately calls his wife, homicide detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas. Once the NYPSD start looking, ten more skeletons are found – all young girls killed about 15 years earlier.

The last tenant that was actually in the building was a shelter for homeless and runaway teens, called the Sanctuary. The owners of the private facility went bankrupt. They did good work and were helped by a wealthy woman whose granddaughter they were able to turn around. Brother and sister Nashville and Philadephia Jones now run another facility still working with troubled teens. Their brother has worked with them, then went on a missionary trip to Africa where he was killed by a lion. Their sister never joined their business; instead she married and lives in the midwest. The Jones family seem above board and true to the beliefs they profess. The sister and brother are appalled at the discovery in the walls.

One of the first victims identified was a 12-year-old runaway who had been on the streets for years already. Her street knowledge had caused trouble the whole time she was with the Joneses. Their paperwork showed Shelby had gone to a foster home right after they moved to their new facility. Another of the originally identified girls was 13-year-old Linh. She had a good, middle class family and solid foundation. She had run away in a teen aged snit and probably would have returned home if someone else hadn’t gotten to her first. As more girls were discovered, they came from many life situations. Some had spent time in the Sanctuary, some had not. Drugs or alcohol were involved with some of the girls, others were clean. The  more Dallas, Peabody and their team dig, the more they are puzzled. How did these girls all end up here? In fifteen years the neighborhood had only gone downhill even more with almost none of the residents still there.

Concealed in Death is an interesting, well crafted cold case – well not cold case because no one knew about the bodies until fifteen years after they were killed. It’s difficult to find the threads that will bring the detective work together. J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) weaves them carefully, pulling just right to keep the reader pulled in.

There is also a personal/family component in Concealed in Death that works. Often I find that Robb’s InDeath novels tend to focus on one or the other. It’s December and New York is preparing for Christmas. This is Dallas and Roarke’s third Christmas together and she is finally beginning to understand his need to celebrate. She is disgusted because it means she has to shop, but the traditions they are beginning to forge are becoming important to her as well as him. It looks like Roarke may be a good influence on the rough, often clueless Dallas.

The reader can start the In Death series with Concealed in Death. Robb gives enough background to pull the reader into her future New York (2060) but not too much to annoy the reader who has read all the series. The solution is poignant and fitting and gives the reader an entertaining mystery without anyone avoiding near death at any time in the book – wow!

Notice: Strong sexual content, Strong language

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