Colour Scheme by Ngaio Marsh


Cozy Mystery

Colour Scheme (A Roderick Alleyn Mystery) Colour SchemeNgaio Marsh; St. Martin’s Paperbacks 1998WorldCatThis well written mystery takes place on the northern island of New Zealand during World War II. A flighty family owns a small therapeutic spa with hot spring lakes. They are in the middle of the North Island mountains in view of the shore. The retired doctor who is part of the family believes there is a spy staying with them who is signaling an offshore enemy. He knows Detective Alleyn is visiting New Zealand and writes to him.

Before Alleyn can visit the Claire family’s spa, a famous actor and his entourage checks in to join the current visitors. Then another older gentleman sees a paper advertisement and shows up on their doorstep. Suddenly their quiet refuge is busy and full of intrigue. When the irritating long time visitor disappears and is presumed dead, everything gets even more confusing. The local police have put together most of the facts before we meet Alleyn in person in this book.

Colour Scheme is wonderful, classic Marsh. The Claire family is delightful and have no clues to “real life”. The visiting actor is believable between his pomposity and his insecurities. The actor’s secretary is able to view all the characters with clarity even as he is drawn into their web. Colour Scheme is very enjoyable and worth reading even if it was written and took place over 55 years ago.

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