Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child


Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildSuspense Cold Vengeance
Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child; Grand Central Pub. 2011

On a hunting trip to Scotland, FBI Special Agent Aloysuis Pendergast and his brother-in-law Judson Esterhazy try to kill each other rather than the stag. When they last see each other Pendergast sinks into a bog and Esterhazy walks away. Esterhazy reports the “accident” to the police. When they drag the bog, no body is found. Esterhazy knows his brother-in-law. He keeps looking throughout Scotland in case Pendergast was able to get away and to help.

Esterhazy states that his sister, Pendergast’s wife Helen, wasn’t dead as Pendergast believed for the past twelve years. After Pendergast escapes the bog and gets medical help, he returns to the United States. He has his wife’s body exhumed. He searches Esterhazy’s home while waiting for the results. The more he digs, the more he uncovers. The more he uncovers, the more questions he has. The exhumation proves the buried body was Helen’s. Even so, he believes she is still alive.

Esterhazy sneaks back into the United States. He is determined to find Pendergast and kill him. Esterhazy is involved in something larger than his brother-in-law knows. At the end of Fever Dream, Pendergast has already realized his wife had been murdered when she was mauled to death by a lion. Esterhazy knows why. Now Esterhazy has to get rid of Pendergast to protect that secret – and his own life.

Once again Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child entrance the reader with a thriller involving the unusual Special Agent Pendergast. A few of Pendergast’s friends help him along the way, even Vince D’Agosta who nearly died while helping Pendergast in Louisiana in Fever Dream.

Cold Vengeance continues the story. Although the book starts in Scotland, the background includes Louisiana, New York City, Maine, Virginia, and alludes to more in Brazil and Germany. Both Pendergast and Esterhazy are intelligent and crafty, neither underestimating the other. But they do underestimate the other players in a larger game.

Twists, turns, seemingly hopeless situations, kidnappings, and international conspiracy all make up Cold Vengeance. It’s better to read Cold Vengeance after Fever Dream. There is enough explanation that a reader who has already met Pendergast will be able to appreciate Cold Vengeance. Unfortunately, there at least one more book to finish Preston’s and Child’s story line.

(I admit to one big question that could ruin the plot – why did the two men agree to go hunting in Scotland when neither trusted the other anymore???)

Thrills and suspense and leave the reader hanging – that’s Cold Vengeance.

Notice: Non-graphic violence

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