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SuspenseCold Pursuit by T. Jefferson Parker

Cold PursuitT. Jefferson Parker; Hyperion 2003WorldCatTom McMichael is the San Diego homicide detective on call when Pete Braga is discovered murdered. The McMichaels and the Braga’s have been feuding for 50 years, starting with Braga and McMichael’s grandfather who Braga killed. McMichael’s father Gabriel supposedly gave Braga’s son a beating that left Victor mentally damaged the rest of his life. McMichael had fallen in love Braga’s granddaughter, Patricia, as a teen ager while the families tried unsuccessfully to split them. Eventually, Patricia left him and they both went on with their lives. Now McMichael is a divorced policeman with a young son and Patricia is married, no children, and one of the few family members Pete Braga had approved.

Now McMichael and his partner Hector Paz have to discover who beat the old man to death. Braga had been important on the local scene and wealthy. Most of his family was estranged. Braga had plenty of enemies both professionally and personally. But who had a motive to kill him? His nurse, Sally Rainwater, seems the obvious candidate, especially after some of Braga’s paintings and collectibles are found at her home. But she doesn’t seem right to McMichael. Instead he finds he is attracted to her and believes her version of events.

There is also some connection in the Braga case with Jimmy Thigpen. Thigpen was an undercover cop who started working for himself in the illegals he was investigating. He had been discovered and arrested a few weeks before Braga was murdered. McMichael is one of the few people Thigpen will talk to and McMichael is trying to solve a murder. There is more than the murder going on, though. There is smuggling across the Tijuana international border. There’s a missing hooker. There are missing legal documents. And Patricia has left her husband…

T. Jefferson Parker can twist together a good tale. Cold Pursuit pulled me in for the ride and kept me on it. McMichael is a good, flawed character who has stumbled into more than he could have guessed. Sally Rainwater, Hector Paz, and Patricia could have been better fleshed out as major characters. Victor Braga is very believable as a 10-year-old in a 50+ year old body.

Cold Pursuit is an entertaining suspense novel with a fascinating smuggling connection. I was able to figure out Braga’s murder because of the limited cast of characters. But most of the rest of the novel caught me out and kept me interested.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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