Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley


FantasyChildrenCircus Mirandus by Cassie BeasleyEver since he went to live with his grandfather, Micah listened to Ephraim’s stories about the magical Circus Mirandus. While his father was off to the war, Ephraim was skipping school and going to the local beach. One day he headed home from the beach and saw a circus in front of him. He tried to enter but didn’t have a ticket. But he found a way in and spent a miraculous week at the circus.

Now Grandpa Ephraim is dying. His sister, Great-Aunt Gertrudis has come to take care of both of them. She is strict and doesn’t believe in magic or fun. Micah hid away his possessions when he realized her ideas of cleaning up meant throwing out his toys. After he does his homework, he spends his evenings doing chores cleaning the spotless house. He gets to spend some time with his grandfather, but Great-Aunt Getrudis keeps cutting his time shorter and shorter as Ephraim’s breathing gets worse.

One night Grandpa Ephraim asks Micah for paper and an envelope. Lightbender, a magician from the Circus Mirandus had promised the little boy Ephraim any he wanted that the magician is able to provide. Ephraim has saved the promise all these years. He sends a note to the Circus finally making a request on the promise.

Micah and his friend, Jenny, are working together. She doesn’t believe in magic but she believes in Micah. When his grandfather tells him the Circus Mirandus is coming to town, Micah has to go find The Man Who Bends Light and get the answer to Ephraim’s request. Micah and Jenny sneak out to go to the circus at midnight. Micah can’t wait to visit the magical place he had heard about all his life.

Mean guardians and kids wanting special friends and a magical life – that’s a classic children’s fantasy story. Cassie Beasley’s version is enchanting and fun. Circus Mirandus is clever and charming, catching a kid’s attention. Micah is a loveable character who is losing the person he loves and is in the care of a nasty woman who doesn’t like children.

The Circus Mirandus is a special place full of magic and only for children. Grown ups don’t usually have the open mind needed to appreciate or believe in the magic that is found in the circus who has been around for thousands of years. Beasley has written a decent story for around ages 8 to 10 they will enjoy. They can get pulled in to Micah’s story and root for him the whole way. Yes, here’s another book to share with my granddaughters.

Enjoy the magic and visit Circus Mirandus.

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