Cimarron Rose by James Lee Burke


SuspenseCimarron Rose by James Lee Burke

Cimarron RoseJames Lee Burke; Hyperion 1997WorldCatBilly Bob Holland is a defense attorney in Deaf Smith, Texas. He is a former Texas Ranger. He lives alone with the ghost of his former partner.

Billy Bob is contacted by his renter, Vernon Smothers, when Vernon’s stepson, Lucas, is arrested for rape and murder. Lucas had passed out at the site of the murder, but did not do it. Yet the town of Deaf Smith is filled with corrupt people, including many in the police force. Lucas will easily become a scapegoat.

Lucas had been with the East Enders, the “rich kids” of the town when the girl was killed. This pampered group always skirt the law, are high on drugs, and causing trouble. Their parents enable their activities.

Billy Bob believes that Darl Vandanzt, an East Ender, was involved. Also, Garland Moon was in jail for murder when Lucas was arrested. He is released when the only witness against him mysteriously died. Why does he continue to hang around Deaf Smith? Why is he threatening Lucas and Billy Bob?

The narration of this book is first person by Billy Bob. It puts me in mind of the tone of Robert Parker’s Spenser novels. Billy Bob also has a rough edge and understanding soul. This is a well written book. It keeps you on the edge trying to follow and figure out what has happened and who did what.

Notice: Suggestive dialogue or situations

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