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Poetry Christmas Musings by Margery Risby WarderReview by Molly

Margery Risby Warder’s Christmas Musings, Three Books in One to Warm Your Heart at Christmas is a ‘collection of three shorter books, each of which can be purchased separately.’

Merry Christmas  Christmas in our Hearts inspiration stories & Poems offers readers a Table of Contents  listing the 20 compositions encompassing this specific volume.  Jam-packed with inspiration, and musings from childhood The Chrismas We Peeked into the Attic is a bitter sweet reading bursting with eagerness, expectation realized and some not, all together a well-designed anecdote to set the tome in motion.

Other vignettes consist of At Just the Right Time, Carols Remembered and A Bit of Poetry and Prose.  The author brings home the certainty that all life marches on with a poem entitled Caroling certain to convey a flash of recollection for readers who as a teen may have joined others for the hay ride, or walk around the neighborhood as the youth group assembled at the church building before setting out on the annual singfest in the cold.  “I sang for ‘them’….. and now, all too soon, the carolers come and sing to me.” Filled me with recollections of hot chocolate and the expressions on lined countenances of those for whom we sang, and the rueful smile on mine as I appreciate that today, they indeed sing to me.

Other sketches include Mary’s Ponderings, Immanuel!  Have You Heard, and Listening in on Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve.  There are 20 brief accounts in all spanning 118 pages; verses, text, poignant, thought provoking, and compelling to read.

Last Christmas, commences on page 119 and concludes on page 160.  This moving, tender and lovely anecdote of a young family facing what, on the surface, might seem intolerable; carries a significant message; ‘Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus.’  While enriching and ending on an optimistic note; this specific chronicle is sure to bring a tear or two to the eye.

Mary Meet Dr. Luke, An Evening Visit, transports the reader to a family, living in Jerusalem during the worrisome early days of the Church following the crucifixion of Christ.  Their visitor, Luke, has a narrative to relate of one named Saul who now is called Paul.  This tale is a strong, persuasive read regarding what might have happened, and, perhaps actually may have taken place amongst the initial believers.

Note to reader friends 221 and Margery’s writing career 222 -225 wrap up the tome.

I was delighted to learn each of the three tales is whole, substantial and stand alone.  The single volume brings the three works together nicely for use as a tuck in gift at holiday time, or for keeping as a gift for yourself for reading for pleasure any time during the year, and especially so throughout the holiday season. 

Reading Christmas Musings stimulated old memories, filling my thoughts with contentment and some pathos now that my parents and one sibling are gone, children are grown and while the various writing offerings did cause me many joyful recollections; the book also tended to stirred a little melancholy to even out the joy provoked as I remembered days gathered around the old piano singing hymns, thoughts of Jesus, caroling, pie suppers and church programs, along with the special dishes prepared at Christmas time and anticipated by the whole family while celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Growing up understanding the real meaning of Christmas, along with visits from Santa and Christmas stockings helped shape the lives of many of those who will appreciate reading Christmas Musings.

I found Christmas Musings to be an encouraging, pleasurable, and winning, work meant to help readers relish the special times in their lives and possibly to guide the 20 something readers to ponder launching or continuing some holiday traditions with their own young families.

At times it appears many in our culture have forgotten what Christmas really is all about; these elevating, philosophical and sentimental tales found on the pages of Christmas Musings with keepsake moments focused on family and societal traditions lived during the ‘Happy Days’ period of the mid 1900s help us stop and think how inspirational and what fun Christmas was and continues to be today.

Fine honed, decipherable, authentic writing draws the reader into the stories and poems and offers good sound text to be enjoyed on a cold rainy evening during December, or on a sunny day spent on the porch sipping Tea and reading. 

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend. 

I received an ARC from the author for review.

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