Chill Factor by Chris Rogers


Chill Factor by Chris Rogers

MysteryWhen ex-attorney Dixie Flanagan is in her bank trying to straighten up her account, a bank robber demands money from the teller. Dixie is stunned to see that the robber is Edna Pine, her next-door neighbor. Edna had been one of her mother’s best friends and Dixie went to the prom with Edna’s son Marty. Sweet, home-loving Edna – a bank robber? Then Edna is killed by the police when she resisted arrest and shot one of the officers. Now Marty wants Dixie to find out what happened to his mother. She wants to know, too. What happened to the wonderful woman she knew?

Dixie starts back tracking over the past year since Edna’s husband died. She fights her own guilt for not checking on Edna occasionally. The new Edna Pine had lost weight, started pampering herself, dressing stylishly, and joining older singles groups. She also had changed her will so that half her estate went to the Church of the Light – an organization Dixie doesn’t recognize.

When a police officer is killed by a sniper at his own home, Dixie’s personal turmoil gets intertwined with Houston’s turmoil. The young officer was one of the men who shot Edna. Was someone getting revenge for her death – specifically Marty? Now Dixie has to help clear him as well as learn about his mother. As she follows Edna’s path from the past few months, she now has to be careful herself. There’s a con man out there who’d like to add Dixie to the Church of Light connection.

Chill Factor is the third book in Chris Rogers mystery series about an ex-attorney turned bounty hunter. Dixie was burnt out on prosecution and got out of law practice completely. She is comfortable from the money earned by the family farm she owns, but she also is a bounty hunter to keep her busy. She likes the work and likes Houston. She’s a homebody.

Rogers twines together some good personalities. Parker, Dixie’s love, is distant right now and lives in Galveston. She isn’t sure what is happening between them and imagines everything. This back story is a good addition to the novel. Rogers has a good grasp on the vagaries of their current relationship.

The rest of the novel is enjoyable escape. I was able to figure out most of it – there’s a twist at the end that I didn’t expect but didn’t surprise, either. The mystery doesn’t jump in and grab the reader. Even so, it kept my attention and interest. There’s another small side story between Dixie and her 12-year-old nephew that doesn’t relate to the story yet fits in the novel quite well.

Chill Factor can easily be read on its own, although it’s easier to understand her relationship with Parker if the first two have been read.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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