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ChangesJim Butcher; Roc/New American Library 2010WorldCat“I answered the phone, and Susan Rodriguez said, ‘They’ve taken our daughter.'”

For anyone who has been following the Dresden File books, this line alone is enough to suck that person right in. I didn’t stand a chance from sentence one (even though that teaser had been thrown out a year ago). Great, stand the test of time, literature? Time will tell, but probably not. Great action fun paranormal suspense well written with well defined characters? Yes, this is.

Harry Dresden had no idea his lover had a child eight years earlier. He didn’t think he was ready to be a father. Yet within hours he loves that girl deeply and would do anything (and remember that) to rescue her. She has been kidnapped by the Red Court, some of the oldest and most blood thirsty vampires in the world.

Susan was bitten by a vampire. That was why she left Harry and Chicago. She is only partial vampire. If she gives in to the blood lust, she will cross over. She moved away to protect him and to join a groups of beings like her to fight the vamps. When she gave birth, she named their daughter after Harry’s mother.

She comes to Chicago so she and Harry can locate Maggie and rescue her. Harry starts looking for help. The Red Court is nothing to mess with. He needs all the help he can get. Immediately, though, he has trouble. The police and FBI are after him. Red Court assassins are after him. The White Council won’t help him. Perhaps Ebenezer, his mentor, can gather some wizards to help Harry, but nothing is guaranteed.

From here on out anything I say would be a spoiler. Harry Dresden fans will want to learn on their own. If you haven’t found Harry Dresden yet, don’t bother with the book. Go back to Storm Front and read the series in order. This book is part of a longer over arcing storyline. Each book is self contained, but builds on the last.

Changes pulled me in quickly, gripped me by the neck, started shaking, and didn’t let go. (See my rant addressed to Jim Butcher on my blog.) And yet Harry’s smart mouth is ever present. And then there is the first outfit his godmother gives him when he is caught without a change of clothes. Picturing the wizard dressed like… kept me laughing out loud for about five minutes, and I still chuckle when I picture it. Finally, there is the last page.

Damn your 20 book story line, Jim Butcher. I want to know what happens NOW!

Notice:  Graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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