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Changer ChangerJane Lindskold; Eos (HarperCollins) 1998WorldCat

The Changer is probably the oldest being alive on the Earth. Changer is an immortal shapeshifter. He can shift into any animal shape but prefers monogamous animals. The only other anathanor (immortal) who may be as old as him is, Duppy Jonah, the king of the seas. As the book opens Changer is a coyote whose family is being hunted and killed. He knows the responsibility for their deaths has been caused by another immortal, He just has to discover who and track them down.

He approached Arthur Pendragon in Albequerque to get help getting his vengeance. Arthur is another immortal, still trying to bring his sense of democracy to the world, or at least the athanors. This includes not only the human athanors or shapeshifters, but the mythical beings that have had to go into hiding – sasquatches, unicorns, druids, fauns, satyrs, etc.

Immortals are not better than humans in their loves, hates, joys, vengences, etc. Although they all live in Harmony, they do not live in peace or agreement. Sven Trout, or Loki, is still a trickster. He is trying to supplant Arthur as the chosen leader of the athanor. Most of the athanor do not trust Loki, knowing that he cannot be trusted. Sven knows he must pursue his agenda behind the scenes, his specialty.

This is an involving, intriguing book. It is not a quick read. It is worth the time. It delves into many of the myths that mankind has built upon over the centuries. It studies the lifestyle of coyotes. It challenges current environmental policies. It is fantasy set in the current times in the Earth we know. If the athanor were not involved, this could be a tale set in modern times. I had been told about this book online a couple years ago but only now got to it. If you like believable fantasy you will enjoy this book.

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