Ceremony in Death by J.D. Robb


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Ceremony in Death (In Death) Ceremony in DeathJ. D. Robb; Berkley 1997WorldCatEve Dallas is a hard-boiled cop with a soft side for her husband Roarke. It is New York City over 40 years in the future and New York is still a major urban area with crime. She is a homicide detective.

Another cop has died of natural causes despite his younger age. Then his granddaughter dies in an accident. Eve is investigating because there are questions in her mind and the Internal Affairs Department. Her investigation soon has her immersed in the wiccan community and the occult society. She meets both white witches and black witches. After a body from a ritual murder is left outside their gate at home, Roarke also gets involved with the case. He wants to protect Eve from the danger he is afraid is ahead.

The danger is there. Peabody is right by her side. Feeney is not able, so Roarke is helping with the electronic/computer searches for their information. They attend a wiccan initiation. They visit the night spot favored by the followers of the occult. More people die.

Every time I read of the of “In Death” novels I get a dark picture of the future. Yet the story between Eve and Roarke, along with the interactions with Peabody, Mavis, and Feeney keep the saga from being depressing. The mystery takes its twists and turns, keeping Eve on her toes until the end. This is another one I can recommend.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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