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Ceremony CeremonyRobert Parker; Dell 1992WorldCatSusan Silverman brings Spenser into her school counseling office in Smithfield. She has a set of angry parents whose high school daughter, April, was last seen working as a prostitute in Boston’s “Combat Zone.” The father wants to disown her. The mother and Susan would like her found. Spenser agrees, for Susan’s sake.

So Spenser ventures into the worst area of Boston. When he quickly starts making enemies, he pulls in Hawk for assistance. Between the two of them, they investigate prostitution in Boston. As they begin to dig, things get murkier. April seems to have disappeared. She’s not dead, just not around.

As usual, this Spenser novel is a fun, quick read. I fell right back into the cadence of Spenser’s narrative style. He realizes April’s home situation was not ideal, and doesn’t know if she’ll return with him or not. Yet he still is determined to find and hold onto her until her future can be decided.

I enjoyed Ceremony, but it’s not memorable on its own. It’s easy, involving reading. The mystery works well. There are enough of these similar that the plots could be exchanged. That doesn’t make it a bad book – it’s not. It’s great for the series; it just doesn’t stand out. You’ll enjoy this book.

Notice:Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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