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Catwings by Ursula K. Le GuinCatwings Return by Ursula K. Le GuinJane on Her Own by Ursula K. Le GuinChildrenFantasy



Catwings Return

Jane on Her Own
Mrs. Jane Tabby lives in the city in an alley by the dumpster. She has four kittens who are unusual – they have wings. Mrs. Tabby knows that the kittens are not safe in the city and wants them to go out to the country. They want her to go with them but she wants to marry Mr. Tom Jones and stay in the city.

They fly out to the country. They listen to their mother and avoid people. But it isn’t easy. Finally they find a place they can settle happily at the end of Catwings. In Catwings Return the kittens return to the city to visit their mother. There they discover that Mrs. Tabby Jones has another kitten who also has wings. But Jane had been separated her mother and they are able to find her and get all together.

Jane joins her brothers and sisters in the country. In Jane on Her Own Jane is bored in the country. She wants excitement. instead of the boredom she feels on the farm. Unfortunately, she finds more than she wanted.

Ursula Le Guin is such a versatile writer. She’s written a set of charming books for early readers that can appeal to adults as well. I love fantasy and am a cat person. Of course when I spotted these books I had to read them. Actually, I was able to listen to them read by the author. Kids should enjoy these as well as us adults. Le Guin makes the cats believable and lets the child see the problems they have being different.

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