Catering to Nobody by Diane Mott Davidson


Cozy Mystery

Catering to nobody Catering to NobodyDiane Mott Davidson; Bantam Books 2002WorldCatGoldy Bear has the only catering business in Aspen Meadow. It is her support for her eleven-year-old son, Arch, and herself. She knows she cannot count on her abusive ex-husband physician for support. When her ex-father-in-law, Dr. Fritz Korman, is poisoned at the wake she caters, her business is shut down until the matter can be cleared up.

When the police do not appear to be making any headway, Goldy decides to snoop around herself. Her livelihood has been taken away just as the holiday season approaches. She cannot be out of business at the time that helps support her for many months afterwards each year.

The wake had been for her son’s favorite teacher. The woman was found after committing suicide. Goldy is not so sure the death was suicide. There seems to have been a link between her and Goldy’s ex-father-in-law. Korman’s wife and patients seem reluctant to talk. Something is being hidden. Goldy is determined to discover what so she can once again operate her catering business.

This is an enjoyable, light mystery with recipes mixed in. This is the first book of the series featuring Goldy, her son Arch, her ex-husband John Richard, her friend Marla, Inspector Tom Shultz, and Aspen Meadow, a community an hour outside of Denver, Colorado. The characters are not well defined yet appealing. It deals with a woman in rebuilding her life in the aftermath of an abusive marriage. It deals with peoples’ desires and hidden secrets. It is a cute “cozy” mystery.

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