Cat with an Emerald Eye by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat with an Emerald Eye Cat with an Emerald EyeCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge Books 1997WorldCatHow does Las Vegas, the city of glitz and glamor, celebrate Halloween? Temple Barr wants to attend a fancy ball and show off her new Austrian crystal shoes that have a black cat on them. Instead, she participates in a seance to attempt to resurrect the great Houdini.

She had not wanted this. But Nicky and Van, her employers at the Crystal Phoenix and her landlady, Electra Lark, convince her to go. It will be good background as she helps renovate the hotel in her publicist position.

Midnight Louie also has his problems with the psychic realm. Karma, the mysterious cat upstairs, pulls Louie into her designs. She wants him to prevent an odd death. Before he has finished following her instructions, he is at the seance where Temple is. A black cat at a Halloween seance does not bode well.

This novel had fun poking at psychics and mediums. The question of reality of psychic phenomenon is left open, unanswered. Louie is sure he saw Elvis, Amelia Earhart, and Arthur Conan Doyle at the seance. Temple saw someone aging and was never able to determine who was the craftsman of that particular trick.

Temple still has Matt and Max both complicating her life. In this novel we learn more about the Magnificant Max. From the relationship standpoint, I cannot decide between Matt and Max for Temple. Neither can she.

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