Cat on the Scent by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown


Cozy MysteryCat on the Scent (Mrs. Murphy Mysteries) Cat on the ScentRita Mae Brown; Bantam 2000WorldCatAlbemarle County, Virginia, is growing. The county commissioner, Archie Ingram, is trying to find cost effective ways to increase the water supply in the county for the population growth. He has been arguing with one of his supporters, the wealthy Sir Henry Vane-Tempest. When Vane-Tempest is shot three times during a Civil War reenactment, Ingram is accused.

Another wealthy man disappears and his private plane is found in one of the local farm outbuildings. He had been friends with Vane-Tempest. Mrs. Murphy, Mary Minor (Harry) Haristeen’s cat sees two people land and park the plane before he disappears. She reports back to Pewter, the other cat, and Tucker, the corgi. The animals tag along with Harry as much as possible as they investigate the strange happenings around the county. When a body is found frozen in the local food processing plant, things heat up. More people will be attacked and killed before the sleuthing team can out the bad guys.

Cat on the Scent is a tangled tale that meanders around. The ending is unsatisfactory (although realistic) for this type of cozy mystery. The animals overreach themselves this time, especially when the three of them drive a Porsche in an attempt to save the life of a man who has been shot. There is a decent side story involving the 70+ grand dame of the county and history over 50 years past, but even that falls short in the end. This is an average tale that is diversionary but not gripping. If you’re reading the series, you’ll enjoy it. If you haven’t read any of the series this won’t give you a satisfactory introduction.

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